Interview with iconic Houston-based black punk DJ Rad Rich!

Rad Rich at MDC, the Axion, 1988, by Ben DeSoto!
Rad Rich at MDC, the Axiom, Houston, 1988, by Ben DeSoto!

One of the first people I saw at Houston punk gigs was DJ Rad Rich, a legendary black punk veteran who became a major supporter of the Texas Biscuit Bombs. He is screening some keen documentaries about the black punk and rock’n’roll experience this weekend, so check out our conversation in the Houston Press here, replete with an examination of history, identity issues, and true fan-core love of music!

Interview with black punk pioneer Kevin Carnes!

doabeatnigsToday, as editor of this punk vault, I am especially thrilled to bring you a special interview I just published with sonically savvy, agile and artful, and sublimely skilled (I ain’t lying!) drummer Kevin Carnes, drummer of early 1980’s punks the Usuals !! Most of you likely know his tenure in the infamous Beatnigs and Consolidated, as well as him being a leading light in the acid jazz scene of San Francisco! Read the piece here in the Houston Press!